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Torney Landfleischerei

Fresh meat products manufactured from healthy animals of the region

The limited liability company “Torney Landfleischerei Pripsleben GmbH” and the companies “Torney Milch und Fleisch e.G” (a cooperative company) and “Torney Mutterkuh GmbH” (another Ltd.) constitute the Torney Group of companies. All three companies work for the common concept “From the Barn to the Pan” and cover the whole production chain from producing forage, growing cattle and pigs, processing the meet and selling meet and sausage products in the own chain of butcher shops and through well-known supermarket chains.

Torney Group got its name from the Torney brook, running through the village of Pripsleben, as the history of the group started in the village of Pribsleben. More than 20 years ago the agricultural company owing 3900 cows and pigs started its journey into market economy.

Thus the company had the raw material – meat. But in the troubled times of economical uncertainty after 1990 the prices for meat fell tremendously. For a rentable business we had to start to process the meat and started our own slaughterhouse and sold meat just from the yard. A partnership with a farmer and butcher from the Western German village Wellingholzhausen laid the basis for the production of cooked sausages. Based on his experience the first shop for manufactured meat and sausages was opened in Pripsleben on October 4th, 1990. The shop turned out to be a success.

Thus Torney had found a niche in the market and started to expand. The legal basis was the registration of the Torney Milch und Fleisch e.G. – a registered cooperative – on April 19th, 1991.
Given the success of the first shop, the sales activities expanded. New stores were opened mainly in the entrance areas of big supermarkets like Netto or Kaufland (two major chains in Germany). Finally on October 23rd, 1993 the Ltd. Torney Landfleischerei Pribsleben GmbH was founded.

Meanwhile the shop-network amounts to 26 branches reaching from Altentreptow and Neubrandenburg to Pasewalk, Neustrelitz, Penzlin and Demmin and further to Röbel, Malchin, Ferdinandshof and Rostock.
In February 1995 the production was transferred from Pribsleben to a new production site in Altentreptow meeting modern hygienic standards.

In course of the years our experienced butchers permanently expanded our assortment of sausages. With commitment, diligence and effort well-known kinds of sausages were produced according to traditional recipes and new kinds with unusual ingredients were created. Torney products became popular for a steadily growing number of customers. In 2010 the production site in Pribsleben started to launch a series of fine salads – egg salad, beef, chicken and sausage salads are in high demand with our customers. Prisbsleben is also the production site for our snack and lunch products – offered fresh daily in our regional shops.

A strict control system guarantees the stable quality of all Torney products. Certification DIN ISO 9000:2000- 12 has been in place since 2003. Several Torney products were awarded with gold, silver and bronze medals by the DLG (German Agricultural Society) – among them are the egg salad and the Western Pomeranian Liver Sausage.

In 2002 The Torney Landfleischerei received the Marketing Award of the German Bundesland of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. In 2011 the German Association of small and medium enterprises (BVMW) honoured the work.

Every second year Torney group invites guests to a traditional farmyard festival. Over the last years thousands of visitors enjoyed the delicious food and the entertainment programme of the festival.

Since 2000 Tornay Landfleischerei is participating in the annual MeLA – the Mecklenburg Agricultural Fair - and offers its favourite products at an own sales stand.

Nowadays Torney Group is an important employer in the agrarian region of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. Currently the number of employees and apprentices amounts to appr. 150.

For the next future we plan to extend the production capacities in Altentreptow and to open one more store in Rostock.

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